“Sha’ is not only an extraordinary teacher but also a great speaker. Sha’ was invited to give a lecture at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. The lecture was about the benefits of meditation for college students and she did a magnificent job connecting and communicating the material to this type of audience. She has the gift to connect to any soul that is open to uplift and connect to their inner wisdom. If I have to summarize the way I feel after attending a session with her, it is complete serenity in my heart. Which is pure gold right there.”

– María del Pilar Melgarejo PhD, Professor, Southern Methodist University


We meet via Zoom, log in at 8:45 am. We practice 9-9:45am. This group is for all levels of practitioners. Show up and show out for you while experiencing the benefits of meditation.

Who: all levels of practitioners
What: A 30 minute guided meditation
When: Tuesday mornings at 9
What to wear: come as you are!

“It is our personality that creates our personal reality.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza
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