Recalling, Remembering & Rebirthing Your Essence

An 11-week journey designed to reconnect with your inner self, unveil your hidden gifts and true essence, empower you to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, and tap into your body’s innate wisdom.

SHA methodology has been curated for personal revolution. It is designed to inspire you to live your heart's most primordial desire.

Gain clarity in your values, live in rhythm with your natural cycles, and connect to your community. Through the SHA methodology, you’ll experience connecting the dots while embarking on the journey of inner awareness, managing stress from a birds-eye view, and increasing your body’s ability to find coherence and flow.
“A human being is an island of excellence. We are born to excel. We are surrounded- from every direction and in every respect – by the intrinsic power and creativity of the Divine. Our core is Pure Consciousness; luminosity is our essential nature. Our most distinctive attribute is our ability to know our own essence- our own intrinsic divinity. Life is a priceless gift, for life endows us with everything we need to experience our grandeur. Discovering the intrinsic divinity at our core is the highest achievement; dying without experiencing it is the greatest loss.”
– Samadhi Pada, The Secret of the Yoga Sutra

Reclaim your essence, embrace your dormant gifts, and reignite the love for your being.

This program is tailor-made for you if:

This program is tailor-made for you if:

Somatic Healing Anabasis aka SHA methodology

Each pillar is designed to guide you toward a profound spiritual awakening and a reconnection with your inner self.



Embark on a transformative journey. Somatics, where the essence of your being intertwines with the language of your body. Here, we delve deep into the profound connection between mind and body, unlocking + recalling the potential for self-discovery and empowerment. Elevate your consciousness, embrace the art of embodied living, and tap into the reservoir of strength that lies within you. Somatics is not just a practice; it's an invitation to explore, understand, and ultimately harness the incredible power in your core.


Nourish, Renew, Thrive

Healing becomes an oasis for your mind, body, and spirit. Picture a space where the wounds + shadow aspect of you have space to mend, resilience is cultivated, and a harmonious balance is restored. This pillar is a testament to the extraordinary capacity for renewal of the remembrance that exists within us all. Experience the embrace of healing energies, rediscover your vitality, and elevate your journey toward fulfillment + reverence. Heal not just the visible wounds but also those that linger in the shadows. Your journey toward vibrant well-being begins here.


The Ascent

Anabasis is the pinnacle, the summit of your rebirth. Rise above challenges, ascend beyond, embrace them, and, discover the untapped realms of your potential. It's a call to bringing your essence forward, an ascent towards your highest self. Embrace the transformative power of this journey and witness the unfolding of what it means to be human. Anabasis is not just a climb; it's a triumph of the spirit, a celebration of the extraordinary heights that you are seeking. It is Soul-lens living!

By embracing these pillars, you'll embark on an 11-week journey where you will:


Dawn Franklin Designs Studio 4145

Step into a realm where tranquility meets self-discovery, and mindfulness intertwines with movement. Dawn’s communal studio space is not just a place; it’s a sanctuary designed to elevate our community. Here, we embrace the essence of mindfulness, weaving it seamlessly into the fabric of your journey.
Dawn Franklin Designs Studio 4145 studio is more than just walls; it’s a haven meticulously crafted to foster introspection and well-being. Nestled in the heart of Dallas, this space invites you to leave the chaos behind and immerse yourself in a cocoon of wellness.
Embark on a unique journey where meditation transcends the boundaries of stillness. Guided by somatic practices, each session is an invitation to explore the wisdom of your body, bringing awareness into every breath and movement. I offer a blend of traditional meditation with somatic techniques to guide you toward a deeper connection with your physical and emotional self.
From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be enveloped in an ambiance curated to enhance your experience. Soft lighting, soothing aromas, and a serene atmosphere set the stage for your inner exploration. The studio is a refuge where the external world fades away, allowing you to focus on the present moment.
Join a community of like-minded individuals on a shared journey toward self-discovery. The studio is a gathering place for those seeking connection + understanding. Through 6 in-person group sessions and 5 self-paced study workshops, you’ll find support in a community that values transformative power.
Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a beginner, the studio space welcomes all seekers. Unwind, breathe, and let the art of somatics guide you to a place of inner gnosis.

Embark on a transformative journey within — a space where meditation is not just a practice but a voyage into the depths of your being. Welcome to a sanctuary where mindfulness meets movement, and every breath carries you closer to the essence of your true self.

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