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Arrive as you are for our in-person meetings and during your self-study. Please do not feel that you need to show up put together, wear a mask, or try to fix anything or anyone. Each day we are given enough grace to wield the pieces of our human nature together. You are already whole and infinitesimal. When we sleep each night, we allow the body to drift away into the liminal spaces that feed our Soul. Permit yourself to just BE! What is for you will make its way to you and through you. There is divine abundance surrounding your being. Spiral into your Soul’s essence through this 11-week dedication to your liberation.

Week 1: March 4th, 7-8:30pm (in person)

Week 2: March 11th (self study)

Week 3: March 18th, 7-8pm (in person)

Week 4: March 25th (self study)

Week 5: April 1st, 7-8pm (in person)

Week 6: April 8th (self study)

Week 7: April 15th, 7-8pm (in person)

Week 8: April 22nd  (self study)

Week 9: April 29th, 7-8pm (in person)

Week 10: May 6th (self study)

Week 11: May 13th, 7-8:30pm (in person)

Breathe! You chose to embark on this journey for YOU and US as a collective. Each time you say YES to a calling that is for your highest good, you are letting the universe know that you are ready to weave its brilliantly guided wisdom into your DNA.

What you receive through this container is what you will receive. Do not grasp onto what you feel should happen, let what may be, arise within you. What you seek has been seeking you as well.

The weeks we do not meet in person; you cannot fall behind! Pace yourself accordingly to what feels resonant to you that week. The week after the in-person meeting is when you can create an environment within your home space to move through the content we shared in person + Bonus teachers!!! These teachers have been integral to my developmental process, I am thrilled they said YES to sharing their knowledge with you through this container. Truly means the world to me.

5 self-paced study:
March 11th + March 25th
April 8th + April 22nd
May 6th

In-person meet-ups are designed to guide you for that week’s subject at hand.

6 in-person gatherings: 
March 4th + March 18th, 7-8:30 pm
April 1st + April 15th + April 29th, 7-8pm
May 13th, 7-8:30 pm

Add these dates to your calendar NOW – create space within your personal calendar for self-paced study.

We want to create a frequency and rhythm of cohesion and effortlessness. Make your schedule work for you, not against you. This is not meant to be work or one more thing to do.

Suggested Supplies for our container:

A journal specifically designated to this 11 weeks

Markers + pens of a range of pigments

For in-person meets – bring what will make you feel held and nourished; props are available, however, you ultimately know what you will want to have nearby your mat for support. (ex: bolsters, cushions, sandbags, blankets, eye pillows, water, socks, comfortable clothing.

Dawn Franklin Designs Studio 4145
4145 Commerce St Suite 1, Dallas, TX 75226

Email me at sha@meditationswithsha.com for support

There is great power in your cyclical nature, for we are nature itself. We, like nature, create life and live by nature’s rhythms. The soft animal that is your truest nature knows this at the deepest level.

Our job is to remember, to strip away the layers of societal conditioning and interference, the image of the “good girl,” and come home to our most natural textures and rhythms. Every orgasmic joy, every primal scream, every gut instinct, every deep sorrow and wail of grief, every moment of surrender to rest, the shedding of the old, every ounce of our creative power is to be allowed, honored, and again made sacred.

You are sacred. Not only in your brightest light, but also in your darkening. Your greatest power lies in flowing with your rhythm and surrendering the fight against nature, your nature. Because in the end, Mother Nature always wins. Our choice lies in whether or not we choose to assist in her unfolding.

LeAnn Rimes

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